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What's New at GBMA?

Steve Giroux - Wins Sparring Grands 2011

Steve Giroux wins Mens overall Sparring Grands for the 3rd time, and now for the 2nd consecutive year Giroux Bros Martial Arts retains the Norris Cup.

See the match below


rane Triple Crown Summer Tournament 2010, Warwick RI

The Triple Crown is a Local Tournament that is a part of a Series of Karate Competitions promoted by a Local Sport karate Tournament Circuit Called KRANE.  Krane Tournaments are held year round, mainly in CT, RI and MA. Competitors of all Different ages, karate styles, and skill levels come to these events to gain experience, meet and network with other Martial Artists, and show off their skills in Forms, Weapons, & Sparring.  This was a very well run tournament, and everyone representing Giroux Bros. performed at the top of their game!!  Here are the results...


Henry Rolfe - This was Henry's 2nd Krane tournament this year, and it was his 1st time competing as Black Belt. As a competitor Henry has come a long way in the past year. He choreographed all of his open forms on his own, and delivered them with incredible intensity. In his Weapons division he took 4th out of 8, and he landed some very difficult tricks and kama combos. Henry really shined in his Open Forms division, and although he probably deserved 1st place, he finished with 2nd. His performance overall has greatly improved since his last tournament in March, and his tricking ability really made him stand out in his divisions as he wowed people with moves like the aerial and the scoop to 540. Way to go Henry!


Joseph Trask - This was the first time Joseph has competed since he made it into the Forms Grands at the ITC in Las Vegas last Summer, and he has made tremendous improvement since then. Joseph's hand combos have gotten faster, cleaner, and his overall performance yesterday was very impressive. Even at times during his form where he caught himself making a mistake he covered for it really well and kept going, and stayed strong all the way until the end. His kicks in particular were very impressive, and he was in the zone from the moment he entered the ring until the moment he was handed 1st place!


Jennifer Dwyer - This was Jenn's first time competing as a black belt, and her first time ever competing in an Open Forms Division. Even though she was up against a group of well seasoned competitors, she definitely held her own. Jenn started off strong with a lot of intensity, and even though she was exhausted by the end she still finished the form strong. Everyone watching was impressed by her fast and clean hand combos as well as the height of her kicks. Jenn's primary goal going into this tournament was to not fall or embarrass herself, but even she was surprised by how well she did. Jenn finished in 4th place!


Jerry Dwyer Jr. - Jerry went into this tournament knowing he would be up against competitors who have all beaten him in past Krane tournaments, but having learned from past defeats he came into this competition with newer and fast combos for both his open weapon and open forms divisions. Jerry's performance with his open chuck form was a personal best for him... up until the very end when he dropped a chuck on his final move. But despite the drop he was very pleased with his form overall and walked away with 2nd place. the highlight of the day for Jerry was his Open Forms division, were he was up against a well known competitor who he has never been able to beat in the past. Despite 1 or 2 missteps in his form, this was one of his best performances at a tournament so far this year and he finally took 1st place in Open Forms.






Check out this great demonstration performed at Cabot School in June 2010.  Another great one organized and lead by Jerry and crew from Giroux Bros MA.  Nice job everyone!





On Saturday, April 17 Giroux Bros. Martial Arts hosted Region 8ís Chun Kuk Do Black Belt Test.  Instructors and Students from Connecticut, West Virginia, and Niagara Falls traveled for the event.  Seventeen students in total tested for black belt or higher rank of black belt.  Of the seventeen, eight were students of Giroux Bros. Martial Arts in Newtonville.  The test was conducted by John Presti, an 8th Degree Black Belt and Regional Chairman from Niagara Falls, NY.  Eight other high ranking black belts sat on the testing board, including Steve Giroux and Nicole Farah who are both head instructors at Giroux Bros. Martial Arts.  The day was split between two tests, one for students going for first degree and one for students going for     second degree and higher.  Both tests combined lasted over 7 hours!  Testing was long and tough but all candidates clearly rose to the occasion and did an awesome job.   CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF GIROUX BROS. MARTIAL ARTS NEWLY PROMOTED BLACK BELTS!!!


First Degree Black Belts: Jake Connors, Sydni Cubia, Jennifer Dwyer,  and Henry Rolfe     

Second Degree Black Belts: Caleb Rhodes, Jonah Samuels, and Danny Sohmer

3rd Degree Black Belt:  Joseph Trask




October 2009 - GB Martial Arts, CT has become the latest academy to join the Carlos Machado BJJ Association.  Congratulations and best of luck to all the guys training BJJ as they get to train under Carlos directly.  Jeff and Steve participated in their first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class in the early 90s under the Machado brothers.  It is fantastic to be back with the source!  Jeff is very excited about the quarterly instructor training weekends, online tools, and also being part of the expanding network of RCJ Machado schools in the northeast.  This will no doubt add a new level to our training.

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