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Jeff Giroux (aka Coach Jeff) started training in judo in 1983.  He then switched to Tang Soo Do and earned his first degree black belt in 1986.  Although stand up karate was his primary focus, he continued to hone his grappling skills by wrestling in middle and high school.  Then in the early 1990's he was introduced to Brazilian jiu-jitsu by the Machado brothers.

Since those early years, Jeff and brother Steve have continued to train and teach.   Steve currently holds a 6th dan in CKD.  Jeff holds a 4th dan in CKD and a purple belt in BJJ.  Both brothers are active members in the United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF).  Over the many years at the annual UFAF convention, the Giroux bros. have enjoyed training under a long list of high-level teachers - Mr. Norris himself, Machado brothers, Gene Lebell, David Meyer, John Will, Richard Norton, Benny Urquidez, Fumio Demura, Cung Lee and many CKD champions to name a few.

In the late 1980's, Jeff and Steve took over their instructors studio in Southington, CT.  Champion Karate was operated by the brothers until 1994 when it was  turned over to one of the school's black belt instructors.  After college, the Giroux bros. resided in the greater Boston area and opened up the Newton studio in 1999.  Jeff later moved to CT and opened the Glastonbury studio in 2004.

Some highlights of Jeff & Steve's martial arts experience are:

- 1989 - team members on Intersport Karate Team & traveled to the USSR on goodwill

- 1993 & 1996 - Jeff won UFAF Men's Lightweight Fighting

- 1997 - Jeff appeared in Walker Texas Ranger

- 1999 - Steve won UFAF Men's Fighting Grand Championship

  RATED: The Official World Grappling League

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Hartford Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fanatics welcome.  GirouxBros is located in Glastonbury, CT. Glastonbury Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is hosted at GirouxBros Martial Arts, 160 Oak Street, Unit 210, Glastonbury, CT 06033. 


How are we different? 


1.        You will learn Hartford Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from a structured curriculum.  You won’t just show up and work on whatever that coach feels like doing that day.  Glastonbury Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at GIROUXBROS teaches takedowns, setups for takedowns, top game positions, guard passing, guard fighting (mainly open guard variations), sweeps & reversals from bottom, offense and defense in sprawl position, and escapes from all of these.


Glastonbury Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at GIROUXBROS curriculum takedowns are mainly wrestling takedowns and judo throws for no-gi.  Single leg variations, ankle shoot, double leg variations, arm drags, duck under, fireman carry, shoulder throw, hip throw, and stomach throw.


Hartford Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at GIROUXBROS curriculum top game is positional control in side control, cross body side, side mount, scarf hold, headlock, north-south, knee on belly, mount, rear mount (back), and modified positions between these major positions. 


Glastonbury Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at GIROUXBROS guard passes include posture & how to break open a closed guard, double underhook, bullfighter, knee punch through, nut cracker, and sumo step passes.


Hartford Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at GirouxBros guard fighting includes fundamentals to opening your closed guard, breaking your opponent’s posture down, using your legs and arms for constant pressure as you move to traditional open guard, hooks guard, butterfly guard, spider guard, and variations of open guard.  Once you learn how to control an opponent in your guard it is time to look at guard as OFFENSE and setup sweeps/reversals and/or submissions – triangles, armbars, shoulder locks, & chokes.


Glastonbury Brazilian jiu jitsu sweeps & reversals covers scissor, hooking, armdrag to reverse roll, spider tie-up, ˝ guard sweeps, as well as sweeps against a standing opponent – front, back, open guard hooking, open guard reaping sweeps.


Hartford Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at GirouxBros sprawl position techniques include guillotine choke, Peruvian necktie choke, rolling T choke, rolling collar choke when in gi.


2.         Private lessons for everyone.  Glastonbury Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at GirouxBros memberships include weekly group classes + 1 private lesson monthly.  That is all included in the monthly fee.  Private lessons are important to build a game suited to your skill set & body. 


3.         Friendly & helpful mat culture.  Hartford Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at GirouxBros is an academy where you won’t feel intimidated.  We are not an MMA school.  We are not a meat market school where you are just a number.  Our adult program is for men and women of all ages.  The training culture is friendly and helpful.  No experience is needed although members from other arts are welcomed.  The only requirements are an open mind & and a commitment to doing your personal best.  Students are expected to attend training regularly in order to advance.   

Get in great shape and learn self-defense skills that could save your life!  A typical workout involves warm-up, positional drills, and focus on one area/aspect of BJJ. 

ALL students spar/train with a resisting partner.  Resistance starts low and increases as the student progresses.  Free sparring (w/ competitive rules) is optional and reserved for students who have completed the "Basic 24" positional controls, escapes, & submissions.  Safety is priority #1...why slam each other around if you don't know the techniques.  That type of training tends to build bad habits.  Master the basics and then use them live!